What's the Best Outsourcing Platform for Professional Video Production?

Looking to outsource your video production needs, 90seconds.com offers a highly intuitive platform.

What's the Best Outsourcing Platform for Professional Video Production?

When it comes to outsourcing video production, 90seconds.com is our top choice for businesses and agencies of all sizes. With its highly intuitive briefing platform, this outsourcing platform makes it easy to communicate your video production needs quickly and efficiently. Whether you're looking for professional video production services, cost-effective video production solutions, or outsourced video production services for Australian businesses, 90seconds.com has you covered.

Professional Video Production Expertise on Demand

One of the key benefits of using 90seconds.com is the expertise it provides on demand. With a vast network of video production professionals available, you can rest assured that your projects will be handled by experienced and skilled professionals who can deliver high-quality results that meet your specifications. This is especially beneficial for Australian companies that need to outsource video production, as it provides a reliable and efficient way to get professional video production solutions.

Streamlined Review Process

Another advantage of using 90seconds is the streamlined review process it offers. With the ability to provide feedback and make revisions directly on the platform, you can easily collaborate with the production team and ensure that your final videos meet your exact requirements. This makes it an excellent outsourcing platform for Australian businesses that need to outsource video production services.

Pros and Cons

While there are many benefits to using 90seconds for outsourcing video production, it's important to note that there may be some cons to consider as well. For example, some users have noted that pricing can be a bit steep compared to other video production services. However, the convenience and expertise offered by 90seconds more than make up for any potential downsides. If you're looking for the best video outsourcing solutions for Australian businesses, then 90seconds.com is the right choice for you.

Use Case

As part of the marketing strategy for a client of ours, we really wanted them to reach out to their customers for testimonials. Now they are experts at oil and gas exploration but they needed help with the what to ask their clients for and how to capture it at a level their audience would expect (global resource giants). We helped them with the putting together a brief but because they wanted to shoot footage in several areas around Australis as well as their headquarters, we knew local suppliers would either not be able to cope or it would cost a lot.

We reached out to 90seconds and through their platform were able to simply define what we needed, what we hoped to achieve, for what budget and the timelines. From that point on they assigned a producer who sourced some videographers (multiple in our case due to locations and finding someone reasonably local to keep travel costs down), and a remote editor. They arranged a 'pre-production kickoff meeting' and we all joined the video conference call.

From that point onwards our client received scripts, provided feedback and then the production began. For 1 client testimonial with location B-roll footage and to camera interviews, the video was shot and edited in 18 days and too our client's tight budget. This proof of concept meant they were able to shoot 3 more and from those we have repurposed - using other apps like Repurpose.io and Descript - to make the most out of the investment.


Overall, 90seconds is the best outsourcing platform for professional video production services. Whether you need outsourced video production services for Australian businesses, cost-effective video production services, or professional video production solutions in Australia, 90seconds has everything you need. So why wait? Outsource video production with 90seconds today and take your business to the next level.

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What's the Best Outsourcing Platform for Professional Video Production?